How to Write an Introduction to Research Paper

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Introduction, as a rule, is the most difficult part of the research paper, because the work has not yet been written, but it is necessary to formulate the main tasks and methods of investigating the problem. In addition, one or two pages should try to fit the information so that it was interesting to the reader.

So, in the introduction of the research paper the importance and relevance of the object of research indicated. Also contains a small summary of the data and introduces into the course the main topic. Here you need to try to convince that the research topic is of interest and has practical significance. If the introduction is correct, then after reading it there is an interest to study all the work.

Most often, the introduction begins with a justification of the relevance of the topic for the scientific field. At the end of the introduction, tasks are formulated that need to be highlighted in the research paper, the research objectives. It should also contain information that discovered before the decision made to write a research paper on this topic. The results of the work should extent some complement the information already available.

The peculiarity of the preparation of the introduction is that there are no ghostly ideas about the problem of research; rather, on the contrary, all information must substantiated. There must be a reference to the literature used, so that the teacher can see what kind of work the person has done, how much information he has gathered to complete the task. In addition, the informative content with the indication of the sources of information used convinces the reader that reliable material presented, and not just a personal opinion on a given topic. An introduction is a combination of several opinions on one page, where some support the chosen idea, others define the range of tasks, and still others indicate unresolved issues. It is necessary to show that all authors are familiar and their work is of interest. However, here it is important not to forget that in the introduction it is not the result of the work that indicated, but only the plan of forthcoming actions, the authors’ conclusion, and not their own, which are just coming.