The Evaluation of Term Paper

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Evaluation of term paper from the point of view of the supervisor based on six positions. All assessment criteria should mention in the review of your supervisor, along with claims for compliance (if any). In case of satisfaction of the need for corrections and revision, the teacher is obliged to compile a new review, taking into account the corrections made. Six positions of the exchange rate leader. Let us consider in more detail each criterion for the assessment of course work:

 According to the “Content” criterion, term paper evaluated in terms of availability of analysis on the topic of work. The presence of evidence of a theoretical and experimental nature, the logic of presentation of the material, the adequacy of the scientific apparatus and the absence of contradictions between it and the research objectives, the presence of creative potential of the author.

 “Relevance” criterion is term papers evaluated according to the timeliness of consideration of the topic paper term in the light of the latest scientific achievements and developments. The relevance of the work should be justified in the section “Introduction”.

According to the criterion of “Autonomy of the author”, the term paper evaluated by the manifestation of the student’s own, author’s opinion, which expressed in the search for solutions to the problem put into the title of the course work. Under this assessment criterion, a check made on the term paper materials to plagiarize. Moreover, according to the criterion “Quality of conclusions”, the originality of the judgments of the author of the work expressed in the section “Conclusion” evaluated. In this case, it is desirable that the student proposed in this part of the term paper a new, original solution to the problem that considered in the course work.

The criterion “Material quality” means sources of information that used in the selection of materials for course work evaluated. The higher the relevance or authority of the sources, the better the term paper deserves. The presence of materials in a foreign language among the original sources can also affect the assessment of term paper … In addition to evaluating sources, the experimental data and experiments that served as materials for term paper evaluated by the criterion “Material quality”. The low quality of the material involves the use of irrelevant sources or incorrect design of the experimental data, that.

The last, but not the least criterion “Level” of literacy, the term paper is evaluated not only in terms of compliance with the rules of grammar and spelling, but also according to the canons of the stylistics of a scientific text. Errors in the text, non-compliance with the scientific style of presentation, errors in the use of terminology significantly reduce the grade for term paper.